Swedish Translation: Hon hade väldigt underliga matvanor. Listen to Swedish Sentence: Play Sound Words used: 


During a lesson one of the boys finds himself writing a strange sentence in Latin which he himself cannot properly explain. When the teacher reads it, he turns 

An example of strange is food that a person hasn't eaten before. He gave me a strange look. Strange as it may seem, I don't like walking barefoot on the grass. It's strange that nobody told me about this before. That's strange. He was here a minute ago.

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what is the meaning of strange? strange synonyms. OTHER WORDS FOR STRANGE LIST 6 more strange English phrases explained Our blog explaining some strange English phrases was read by thousands of readers. Many of you contacted us with some other unusual phrases that you would like us to explain in more detail. 2 dagar sedan · It seems to me that this sentence is short of a verb or something, do you agree? what could it be? ‘Should I have been a stranger to York I may have found the painted aerial mural of the city a little confusing.’ ‘He was a stranger to Scotland until he married the daughter of the 17th Earl of Sutherland.’ ‘I also came as a stranger to Bolivia to work and to tend people and use my knowledge to help them.’ Examples of how to use the word 'stranger' in a sentence.

Jag fick ett brev  A somewhat strange sentence, I have to agree with Streja (If it had been his "före detta" wife, the sentence and the use of "hos" would have  The normal sentence would be "du kan förstå mig".

Examples of strange in a sentence, how to use it. 100 examples: Strange as it may seem, the existing data are even more inadequate than the… Cambridge Dictionary +Plus My profile

The definition of strange is an unfamiliar or unusual person, place or thing. An example of strange is a city someone is visiting for the first time.

Strange Bedfellows Written by dfxc A sentence you're about to read may strike you More example sentences. strange bedfellows From Longman Dictionary of  

Page 1. 1913092How strange! CK12123577It's strange.

Strange sentence

Other examples of strange sentences include: Alphabetic sentences; Snowball sentences; Garden path sentences But as strange as this sentence might sound, it is actually grammatically correct. The sentence relies on a double use of the past perfect. The two instances of “had had” play different grammatical roles in the sentences—the first is a modifier while the second is the main verb of the sentence.
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Strange sentence

Quite strange sentence, not sure what you want to express. Jag träffade svenska manniskor på arbete.

Imorgon 21:00. Death sentence, blu-ray.
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20 May 2019 But as strange as this sentence might sound, it is actually grammatically correct. The sentence relies on a double use of the past perfect.

6 feb 20:  SHHHHH!! A day at the mall. There was a very strange thief.

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2014-11-22 · The 20 Strangest Sentences In The English Language 1. I never said she stole my money.. I [never] said she stole my money. I never [said] she stole my money. I 2. All the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life.. While it may look like someone copied “had” 3.


She walks around with some strange sense of entitlement and ego, thanks to her own narcissism and dumb fans who strangely look up to her! Well, they do say that American politics is strangely dynastic for a democracy. He plays not only his usual double bass but also a viola da gamba which strangely matches the moody quality of the Russian tunes.

That also was an expository sermon, as the best preaching so often is. What strange power gives blog authors the ability to write a loose ramble and call it '  Murder; Aggravated rape. Sentence. 18 years imprisonment; Deportation on release. Elin Krantz was a Swedish 27-year-old woman who was murdered in the Biskopsgården district  I say , how could he have made such a strange mistake ? such a sentence could never have the least tendency to support so erroneous an an opinion as that  The sele domi then declared who was guilty and pronounced the sentence which Then the ge gôô started talking in his strange , gargling voice telling them to  were finished , the rich man pressed the Cadi to give sentence in his favour .

Meaning: 1. very unusual, special, unexpected, or strange: 2. a special meeting that happens. Examples have been automatically selected and may contain  Context sentences for "point d'ébullition" in English These sentences come from external Read the passage from The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 30 Dec 2017 Some of the strangest words that they'll never teach you in any English course Source:  3 Aug 2009 John McCusker / The Times-Picayune. The apartment where Dana "Polly" Pastori was dismembered, at 735 Ursulines St. in the French Quarter  14 Nov 2017 YORK – Leighton Fortner, 36, of Lincoln, was given probation Monday morning in a strange case that originally involved alleged possession of  18 Oct 2018 Puzzle #19: Strange Sentence I recall hearing one about Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo being a valid sentence (adj – noun – verb  "Es bastante común hoy en día que los jóvenes vivan juntos." I'm not following this sentence. To me it reads something like: "It is common enough today i Translations in context of "STRANGE" in english-swedish.